the advanced midi interface for the littlebits synth kit

Demo video

First the 'Note' output plays a sequence. Then the 'Velocity' out modulates the Filter. Next the 'Mod Whl' automates the Filter and the 'Gate' output triggers the Envelope. We finish by connecting a Sequencer bit to the Clock out and demonstraing the sync capabilities.


This is a short video demonstrating how the MIDIbit handles MIDI pitchbend data. First we play a simple sequence without any pitchbend data. We then play the same sequence, with pitchbend data added.


Each analogue output can respond to any MIDI message on any channel. Set them all to MIDI note messages and we have three part polyphony. We've only got two oscillators and one mixer so it shows two parts. Time to order some more oscillators!


Press a note and it sounds. Hold that note and press more keys and each subsequent note takes over. As you release notes, the previous, still held note sounds. The MIDIbit can remember upto 128 held notes.