the advanced midi interface for the littlebits synth kit

take control

MIDIbit let's you take control of the littlebits synth kit. it handles midi note messages, meaning you can finally play your synth kit creations from a real midi keyboard or sequencer. it also handles sync and continuous controller messages as well, so you can synchronise your synth kit with your daw or even make a midi controller and control your soft synths with control voltages from your littlebits hardware modules. the possibilities really are endless. just hook up your computer or midi gear, snap together your littlebits modules and jam!
watch the demonstration videos in our gallery to see the MIDIbit in action.


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a run-down of the features and i/o, user settings and some examples of how you might use the MIDIbit interface


all you need to get up and running with your new MIDIbit. user manual, midi implementation chart, quick start guides and the latest firmware file